Friday, November 7, 2014

The beast has resurfaced

Why so serious?  I often ask myself this same question, but with much less enthusiasm, angst, and donut face then my daughter in the video above.  Lately I've found myself letting loose a bit, and I tell ya, it's weird. 

With me, it's all or nothing.  I am either in complete control or completely out of control.  There is no "just relax a little" when I get uptight or tired. Yesterday I let loose with a few videos I came across on facebook, with very little damage done.  However, offline, I was a complete waste.  I usually get a few hours of studying in each day, but yesterday I did none.  I joked around with my coworkers all day.  Some of you might say "so what?"  but now here I am, the next day, still having done nothing but eat a shitload of candy and goof around all morning, rippin out this gnarly blog on a whim with no real purpose... but some days are like that.  No purpose. 

I get like this sometimes and think about how different things were with meds and wonder why I ever wanted to stop.  Look at what I'm capable of, however, with a little freedom from the Ritalin Ball-and-Chain.

I can't put the actual video on the blog because it's not listed, but it's my daughter and I performing Little Bunny Fufu in character...  Who does that?  Certainly not Medicated Andrew.  Just saying.  Then there's the Friends I've made.  I have to say I'm glad to have taken the time to get off meds and learn more about my "tribe" as we so affectionately refer to ourselves.  I have come to know more about myself and others like (and unlike) me with ADHD.

So as far as being medicated, I will continue not to be.  It's ok to be unsure though, from time to time. 


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  1. I love you any way you are....BACON....good read