Thursday, September 26, 2013

MY ADD: One of Those Days


 -discussing further examples of what life with A.D.D. /A.D.H.D. is like for me.  my goal with this is to help those without it to better understand it, and for those with it to have something to relate to.


As I noted in my first blog post, I was diagnosed borderline ADD and ADHD.  I have symptoms of both, more severe than some people, more mild than others.  I like to think of it as a happy medium.  Mostly I've learned to cope with it and recognize those moments where I need to buckle down and focus.  Mostly.  There is one thing I still struggle with it.  I call it "One of those days."

One of Those Days
This day does not start like most.  Right off the starting block it's off.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Food as a metaphor for life: earning your dessert


One thing that was difficult for me to come to grips with as an only child was the concept of reason.  More specifically, what is reasonable.  For example, you don't get Ice Cream just because you want it and it's there.  But I learned it. 

Now here I am in the professional world.  Reason is a lost concept.  People don't realize how douche-esque they come across when making demands and claiming entitlement. Remember that the people you interact with also interact with you.  Your server can spit in your food. Your boss can choose not to recommend you for a promotion.  Your Customer will take their business elsewhere.  Yes I went there... it's not just our customers in life that can be unreasonable.  I know too many people who utterly disrespect everyone around them, and don't care.  Whether you are receiving help or being asked for it, be respectful.  Your parents will deny you ice cream if you throw a fit about having to eat a meal first.

So to recap

Just because you feel like you deserve Ice Cream, and you know there is Ice Cream in the Freezer, doesn't mean you can't be ok with having to finish your dinner first.  Do what you can to accomodate those who you need to interact with if you expect them to accomodate you. 

Oh, and don't go saying you can just go and get your own ice cream.  if you could have, you would have.

Thank you for putting up with my metaphor-filled rant.


First I just want to say that the word "Addendum" is so professional it hurts.

second, this was regarding customers calling in (I work in customer service) and being rude, going so far as to say that they will take their business elsewhere if they don't get what they want.  Just in case that was lost in my rant.  I would just like to add: Threatening and even acting on your threat to change parents, doesn't get you dessert without dinner; AND you run the risk of being provided with something even worse for dinner.  These ignorant turds feel like they pay a premium to get what they want.  No.  You pay a premium to get what your policy says you get.  you want something better, change your policy and pay more.  This is how life works.

end rant.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making Lemonade


Just some friendly advice for everyone.   ALWAYS review your situation on a regular basis to see if it can be improved.  I have been making the best lemondade lately with Life's Lemons because I didn't follow this simple rule. 

First of all, I was set to be laid off back in August, only to realize that my company actually had several jobs (even some promotions) available in my area and had for some time!  I realized along with many of my coworkers that we had become so set in our routines we never bothered to look for something better, and it was there all along.  I transferred out to a different dept and several of my colleagues were able to be transferred to different locations and retain their positions.

Second, my wife's car started having problems, and we eventually got a diagnosis on something which we really didn't want to be stuck paying to fix.  We started looking into our trade-in options and actually got a newer car, fewer miles, with better payments! 

Lastly, I snapped the timing belt in my car and was suddenly slapped with a buttload of repair costs.  My wife and I looked into our finances and discoverred that with the improvement of our credit and homw much wehad paid down some of our debts, we could consolidate some for a lower payment and thus actually be able to afford the car repairs.  We are now going to have the car fixed and a chunk of our debt consolidated with a much lower interest rate, at a lower payment amount, to be paid off sooner!

In each of these instances, it took Significant problems to open my eyes to the opportunites I had available to me and I came to the realization that in all aspects of life, I had easily been sucked into a routine that I rarely, if ever, reviewed for possible betterment.  I have a better quality life and a better hold on my finances than I did 1 month ago, and only because I had been forced to take a look at my options.

so today's lesson: Take time regularly to review your life and see if you are missing out on opportunities to improve it!

Lesson Learned... the hard way

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An interesting Article I came across

I fully believe a healthy diet is important, no matter who you are.  This is especially true for many different disorders.  ADHD being one of them. 

This is an article I came across last fall, in the early stages of this blog, and so this entry was basically just the link.  I decided to flesh it out a bit...

I have recently been told I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.  This was discoverred during an annual physical, which I recommend everyone to do EVERY YEAR.  My triglycerides were high, as were my liver enzymes.  The Dr., who is typically pretty laid back about my diet, brought me back into the office for a follow-up, and basically told me that i'm at that point where if I don't start focusing on my health (mainly diet and exercise) that I could start to see irreversible damage to my liver, among other things.  This was a huge wake up call for me.

Since incorporating more fish and berries and leafy greens, and less carbs, sugars, and fruits (aside from berries, obviously) I have noticed my mental health has improved greatly!  ADHD is not something that just goes away, but that hyperfocus is happening more often.  The drive to get things done is more... driven.  My ability to recognize the perspective of those around me instead of just my own has improved.  Of course, the desired benefit of physical health is slowly coming to fruition as well.  All good things.

so here is an interesting article (at least, it was interesting last fall when I first read it) regarding diet and ADHD.  While I wouldn't go so far as to say the diagnosis of ADHD is devastating, the article in general has some food for thought...

hope you find this helpful!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where are my keys? Where is my mind?


          Yesterday morning I had a "moment" when I went on a rare doughnut trip with my 3 year old.  We typically eat a more healthy breakfast, but from time to time, it's nice to have a treat.  I had inadvertently left my wallet in my car the night before, and realized this (thankfully) before leaving in my wife's car.  I went to mine to get the wallet.  I saw a blanket in the back seat and thought my daughter, Charlotte, would like it  so I took it to her.  We then left for the doughnut shop.  After I had selected my dozen (and biscuits and gravy for my wife) I went to check out and realized... My wallet was still in my car!  So I had them hold my food and drove back home to get my wallet, then back to the doughnut shop to get my food.  I waited in line, then realized... I left my wallet in the car!  So I had to go out to get my wallet and come back in.  in the meantime, someone bought the last of the biscuits and gravy.  So then I had to wait for more.  When they were done, I paid, and back to the car we went.  placed everything in the passenger seat.  No car keys.  I left them on the counter inside!  I went in and got them, and when I got back my wife asked if we had decided to go for drive.  I had to explain the morning's events.  We all forget our keys, wallets, etc., from time to time.  Leave it to me to forget wallet and keys multiple times in one trip LOL

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Random thought of the day...(under construction)

I Spent a lot of time hung up on the fact that people didn't always understand me.  It was very frustrating.  When I learned to be ok with it, life got much better.

This was one of my least successful posts, when I was still experimenting with where I wanted to take this blog.  All that was written is what's above this paragraph.  I will however, revisit this topic, when I have a few more voice recordings (As soon as I can figure out how to save them and upload them, giving a voice to the blog.

Friday, September 13, 2013


 I was diagnosed with textbook ADD at the age of five, and have grown up with it. I am now the father of three beautiful, rambunctious girls, and married to a loving, patient woman. I hope to share my experiences and those of my friends and family and of course anyone else who chooses to follow along.  I plan on this being a weekly blog, but of course if I see something worth sharing, why wait?

Let me just start with an introduction of my A.D.D.