Friday, January 17, 2014

Today I was a cave man

Today I was a caveman. 

We all have those days where something triggers the imagination and we become residents in another reality.  Today I was in the restroom at work and noticed a faint odor, combined with the fact that several of the stalls were occupied.  As I joined the occupants in a stall of my own, I found myself wondering "Wouldn't it be nice if we could all crap in the open air, allowing our scent to spread? A source of pride, but also relief as it would not remain and stagnate."  Suddenly, I was a cave man.

I envision myself similarly to Ugg from "The Croods."  Here I am, finishing a giant egg I had to search all day for, when I realize those berries I found in the cat droppings, while very stimulating, also didn't mix too well with egg.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Almost isn't my nemesis, it's my enabler.  Almost is the gateway through which Tantrum haunts me.  I can work on something long enough that almost done becomes done enough.  I can see the sink.  That's improvement, right?  but by tonight I'll be overwhelmed, with no energy to finish.

The Dishes are Almost done

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Who am I? Who are you?

I wrote all of this, then realized I did not specify what, exactly, I'm talking about.  That's part of how my ADHD gets away from me.  I am... confused (For lack of a better word) by the level of readership of my blog, and where readership is lacking (where I anticipated the most readers to come from actually comprises the smallest portion of regular readers)

So not everything about having ADHD is a learning experience.  There are some times when I reflect not on myself, but on those around me.  I find myself mildly frustrated (Tantrum is still far from taking over) at what I see and hear from my friends and family.  I have, in general, gotten a positive response regarding this blog...    From those who read it.

There in lies my concern.  I suppose I can look at this two ways:

road rage, part too

Too, as in this also happened.  Just two weeks after the debut, we have a sequel.  So much of my life is spent in the car, I see this as a recurring topic.

Had to go back to work today.  Damn.  depended on where you are on my route to work, there's anywhere between 6 and 18 in of snowfall over the last day or so.  Highway hasn't been plowed in a while, but I seem to be making decent time.  Unbeknownst to me, there's a semi a few miles beyond my exit which has turned over and caught fire.  Wait... yep, here we go, traffic's slowing down.  Really slowing down.  WTF, this asshole behind me with her brights on (You may detect a pattern, hi-beams REALLY piss me off).  So I'm thinking about the headache I will have by the time I make it to work.  Which of course will set the stage for my nemesis alter-ego, Tantrum, to take over and ruin my day.