Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pamper me, I'm sick!

Sick men turned babies.

It's a topic we've all seen at least once.  In a meme, silly picture, or wifely rant.

In a nutshell it's like this: Men are macho and manly and can take on the world, until we're sick.
 Then we are sapped of our manliness and turn into shameful sniveling babies.  This, of course is unfair to those who have to deal with us when we're sick.  Unfair.  Let me tell you a bit about unfair.

Women.  Women are endowed naturally with the ability to cope.  To cope with men, to cope with babies, to cope with childbirth.  There is a reason men expect so much from women.  It's because women are friggin awesome!  Granted women have to deal with Menstruation and Menopause (both of which seem to start with men) but this simply prepares them for dealing with Men.  Men, when sick, are easily the weaker sex.  Women are better equipped and better prepared to deal with sickness and discomfort because they do so regularly.  Men, on the other hand, because of our super powers, only succumb to weakness when attacked from within.  Women get their super powers from their internal suffering, while men... men just break.  Of course this is just my own experience...
While I'm not saying someone needs to bring me my balls, I'm pretty sure I will not be getting anything done today except watching movies, eating veggies, and drinkin OJ.

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