Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Food as a metaphor for life: earning your dessert


One thing that was difficult for me to come to grips with as an only child was the concept of reason.  More specifically, what is reasonable.  For example, you don't get Ice Cream just because you want it and it's there.  But I learned it. 

Now here I am in the professional world.  Reason is a lost concept.  People don't realize how douche-esque they come across when making demands and claiming entitlement. Remember that the people you interact with also interact with you.  Your server can spit in your food. Your boss can choose not to recommend you for a promotion.  Your Customer will take their business elsewhere.  Yes I went there... it's not just our customers in life that can be unreasonable.  I know too many people who utterly disrespect everyone around them, and don't care.  Whether you are receiving help or being asked for it, be respectful.  Your parents will deny you ice cream if you throw a fit about having to eat a meal first.

So to recap

Just because you feel like you deserve Ice Cream, and you know there is Ice Cream in the Freezer, doesn't mean you can't be ok with having to finish your dinner first.  Do what you can to accomodate those who you need to interact with if you expect them to accomodate you. 

Oh, and don't go saying you can just go and get your own ice cream.  if you could have, you would have.

Thank you for putting up with my metaphor-filled rant.


First I just want to say that the word "Addendum" is so professional it hurts.

second, this was regarding customers calling in (I work in customer service) and being rude, going so far as to say that they will take their business elsewhere if they don't get what they want.  Just in case that was lost in my rant.  I would just like to add: Threatening and even acting on your threat to change parents, doesn't get you dessert without dinner; AND you run the risk of being provided with something even worse for dinner.  These ignorant turds feel like they pay a premium to get what they want.  No.  You pay a premium to get what your policy says you get.  you want something better, change your policy and pay more.  This is how life works.

end rant.

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