Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My wife married Ritalin

There's been talk of meds lately.  Of course.  It's a big topic.  I just wrote about it myself the other day.  I was thinking about meds and my recent presentation (see today's other blog) and life before meds.  My thoughts wandered and before I knew it I was thinking about my wife.  This is not uncommon, as I couldn't possibly have gotten where I am today without her.  I was thinking of my needs and expectations as a husband, and how our relationship has changed over the years.  She has to provide a lot more guidance now than she did before.  I realized that I expect this from her and think that expectation is totally fair.  I mean, she's my wife, right?  Well, she is my wife, but the rest is all wrong.
When we dated I was medicated.  When we married, I was medicated.  When we conceived our children, I was medicated.  I was in control with the help of meds.  I'm not medicated any more, and thus do not have the control I once had.  She knows this, only too well.
Don't take advantage of your loved ones.  The family you were born with, the family you choose... they are all you have when it all comes down to it.  I have nothing without my friends and family.  They are my meds.  They are my motivation.  I wish I could take back so much, because so much happens when I lose control.

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