Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kudos to a great friend in the ADHD community

You may have seen this posted before, however it was terribly put together and I feel it did not do the subject justice.  Please give it another chance, and I highly recommend you follow the links...

Credit for all links, photos, and quotes goes to Tom Nardone.  Just sayin.

Once there was a man named Tom Nardone.  In fact, more than once, as there is still a man named Tom Nardone.  Well Shit, what a great start.  But this is how I role, and Tom Nardone would say "F!#* it, you're awesome!"  So I'll continue.  Tom is one of my favorite people. A Wise Man, is he, who finds the awesome in everything.  This particular man has a loving relationship with a chair, brings pizza to job interviews, and kills lawns like a champ.  My hero.  I know now, because of Tom, that my reality is true that Call of Duty take precedence over just about anything that tries to interrupt it.  I take solace in that.

His Wife, Yvonne, calls him a Bloggernaut.  This man is relentless in sharing his wealth of knowledge, and isn't afraid to admit it.  Yet, he's also not trying to hog the spotlight.  He willing helps others with blogs and personal issues, not discriminating.  His poetry is worth a read as well, and is at par with the rest of his blogs.  Most importantly, however, Tom Nardone is a man with a realistic interpretation of the ADHD Blogworld.

To hell with the world's most interesting man.  Tom Nardone is the world's most awesome man. Even so, he goes out of his way to promote his peers almost as much as he promotes himself.  Though I consider myself to be fairly mediocre as far as bloggers go, this is how Tom sees me:

Most importantly, he provides an accurate detail of the value of the crap in our lives. When you read his blog about used things being the best things, you'll see that he is so right.  I have been screwed by my house, and by my car...

One of my favorite things about Mr. Nardone, and still probably the least of the wonders he brings to the world, is the simple yet powerful bond his has with his favorite chair.  In reading some of his blog entries, one recurring theme is the happiest moment, when Tom's ass finds his chair.  Those who are regular readers know this to be true.  We see lines like:

"Furniture, on the other had is awesome.  The reason I love my chair, is because my chair loves me unconditionally.  It sits there patiently and waits for me all day and never gives me any grief.  My chair loves me in spite of the life it lives.  My chair spends its days cradling and starring at my ass.  It loves me anyway"

My favorite is:
"Upon entering my home, I saw the greatest thing of all.  My chair was waiting patiently for me.  I could almost hear it begging for my ass to plant itself firmly in its bosom.  Life is good"

 You know, Most of us experience this joy when our kids run to us, smiling and laughing, to greet us at the door with a hug that, to us, is more of a head butt to the man-bits (or girly-bits).  Yet all Tom needs is his chair.  It's so simple.  Yet he has so much wisdom.  Don't believe me?  I suggest to you all, put on some footy pajamas, head to your nearest cafe with wifi (for further details on the best way to do this, check out Tom's Fast Food Rules of Engagement) and check out his blog and podcasts with ADHD figures such as Justine Ruotolo (Miss ADD, http://MissADD.com/ ) and Jeff Copper (Attention Talk Radio, http://www.digcoaching.com/ ).  You'll find plenty more at: WWW.TOMNARDONE.NET

Tom: Here's a fist bump.  No handshakes here.  Kudos to you, sir.

And if this is your first introduction to the awesome Father, Husband, Writer (though he's modest about it) Tom Nardone...

You are Welcome.


  1. I so totally did not understand this blog. Please enlighten me.

    1. Tom Nardone is a fellow Blogger with ADHD. This was kind of a shout out to him, with links to various posts he's written that I enjoyed. He is very funny and super helpful. I recommend checking out his blog!