Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Accountability Soup

original thread: My Life with A.D.D/A.D.H.D.: Accountability and soup:

So here we are, a week or so later.  I have been for a few runs.  I have been watching my diet more closely (still needs improvement, but I'm getting there).  I ate terribly on Easter Sunday, but what I gained, I have lost (this with an INCREASE in water consumption). The plan to wake up when I wake up instead of trying to maximize sleep time seems to be working well.  my heaviest since the blog linked above was 216lbs.  I am now at 206.  I'm sure much of that is muscle weight, though, as I'm still having a hard time sticking to just protein and veggies.  The Dr. says I have a fatty liver and have to limit carbs and sugar, and stick to berries, leafy greens, and proteins.  Those who know me know I have a hard time staying away from ANY kind of food, and this remains true for breads, candy, and chips.

It's a work in progress, more to come in the next week or so.

I think I should find some way to make this a regularly scheduled program... like Taco Tuesday.  only no tacos.

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