Thursday, April 17, 2014

The run: backstory. When do I get to sleep?

A fellow blogger (who, I might add, is a pleasure to read) brought up lack of sleep yesterday.  Strangely, it pinged on everyone who read it.  What is this magical force keeping us all tossing and turning?  I promised I would keep everyone posted on my little experiment.  I committed to stay up when I woke up at all the wrong hours this morning.  I did.  I committed to go for a run, and I did.  I got the family out the door, went to work, did some homework between calls and Facebook.  Came home, snacked a bit, and am watching my fourth consecutive episode of Agents of Shield as I write this.  at 11:15 pm.  Been up since 5:30 and I'm totally wired.  I'm going to finish this episode and hopefully be tired.  Because I am definitely tired of watching endless Toyota and Chevy commercials on Hulu.

Next update will be the results of this LONG day on my sleep.  I will see if I sleep through the night and into the morning.  And I will probably write some kind of short blurb about it then.

Stay posted!  And Jackie: Thank you for writing a blog worth reading :)

Check it out and get her some readership!

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  1. I slept great. So, note to selves: run/exercise in the AM and long day combine to create wakeless sleep (at least for Drew). Anyone else wanna give it a try and chime in?