Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Can" Doesn't Mean "Should"

Pet Peave # 165: calling a service provider from your car.

OK people, I understand that it is legal to talk on your cell phone if you are hands free and yada yada yada.  Got it.  This does not make your vehicle your home office.  When something is wrong with your internet, your utility bill, car note, etc, you will need a few things that are hard to come by while driving.  Your policy #.  A pen and paper.  The ability to focus on the conversation instead of trying not to rear end the car in front of you...  The drive home is a time to focus on driving.  If you have to call someone to feel productive, call a friend.  Don't call someone you need to have an important conversation with, especially if you have an account manager, case worker, claim adjuster, etc., who's information you will need to write down.  Don't make a call that would require you to have a policy, contract, or bill in front of you.  Not only are you being completely counter productive, the person who takes your call will take you for a moron.  plain and simple.

So you call your insurance company, for example, regarding the roof damage and subsequent interior water damage from last week's storms.  This is important stuff, right?  but you call while you're in the car.  So your claim# isn't handy.  You are calling with questions regarding your claim (which sounds stupid to say, since you have a claim, and you're calling your insurance company's claim dept, but it's exactly what you're going to say when I answer...)

Hi Andrew, I have a question regarding my claim.  (I hope so, since that's about all I can help you with).  I don't have any of my information with me, and I'm driving.  What do you need in order to help me?

Seriously?  I need you to call back with your claim information in front of you and a pen and paper to write down your adjuster's information, the time and date of the inspection I'm about to schedule for you, and the answers to any other questions you may need to ask.  Have a nice day.

Just because you can talk and drive (hopefully, since you're doing it anyway), doesn't mean you should take care of important things while driving.  These people call with their kids in the back seat distracting them.  They call with their windows down.  They call while they are eating in the car.  SERIOUSLY. This stuff actually happens.  I might as well get their auto liability claim started because these fools are going to run a light or kill someone.

Now, let's bridge the gap between my rant and ADHD.  With ADHD comes the ability, more often than not, to multitask.  I am actually pretty good at texting and driving, for example.  I don't, because it's not safe.  This was a hard habit for me to break.  But I did.  This is not just a rant about something NT's and ADDer's alike do, but a general warning to those with ADHD superpowers: Don't multitask while driving.  In fact, as a general courtesy, following with the context of the above rant, don't call any kind of customer service while doing something else like driving, eating, babysitting, or working.  Even though you can usually focus on more than one thing at a time, you can come across on the phone as distracted, or just rude.  Don't do it, and especially don't do it while driving.

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