Sunday, May 18, 2014

Forget about nesting in the tree of normalcy and soar with the clouds.

What's it like to be free;
     To perch in the tree
Of normalcy with the flock?
     To not be mocked?

I sit here, locked in a cage.
     Enclosed in cast-iron rage.
On a stage I'm acting cool
     Trying to follow the rules.

The spirit inside wants to be free
But the key is unknown to me.
My ADD is nothing wrong


My cage's key
Was inside of me
All along.

This is what it's like to go from not fitting in, and the pretense of normalcy, to realize there is nothing wrong with being an oddball.  That realization is the key to living a free life. Once you stop trying so hard to stop being yourself  and start focusing on just doing the best you can, you realize what you are capable of and start living a satisfying life. The only acceptance you need is your own.

We all have it in ourselves to be free.

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