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So it's October.  Lots of stuff happens in October.  Perhaps the most recognized is Halloween.  However there is much going on this month in reference to awareness.  Customer Service Week is in October, as well as National Fire Prevention week.  The Birthday of Mahatma Ghandi is Oct. 2, which is now observed as the international day of nonviolence. It's LGBT History Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ADD Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Down Sydrome Awareness Month, and of course, National Squirrel Awareness Month.  (All the above from ).

So let's take a step back and think on this for a minute.  My mother is a breast cancer survivor of 10 years this year.  This year I will be participating in Allstate's Sprint and Stride to benefit Breast Cancer awareness and research. 
     My cousin has Down Syndrome (and by the way is the gem through which the ring of our family shines).  I have ADD.  And of course, I am ultra aware of squirrels. 

So I look at my statements here and realize just how unaware I am.  I have never known of anything in my area to participate in to benefit Down Syndrome reasearch or support.  Or ADD for that matter (Although I'll let that slide as I'm pretty aware of ADD).  Those items listed above are but a small piece of one month of appreciation and awareness.

So I hereby challenge myself and others to find some way to spread appreciation for something that does not affect us directly, or at least something that we do not currently pursue.  To me that means each month I'm going to find a cause typically celebrated or recognized in that month and in the very least spread the word if not participate in an event.  It's time to have a little less ADD about our society and a little more awareness.


This simply did not happen.  For a few months, I would post link, articles, etc, but they got 0 pageviews, and I deleted them as they did not support the direction of the blog.  However, this one I could not bring myself to delete.  I really wish I could be that person to follow through and find a local charity or event to support those in need.  My mother being a #Survivor I usually find something in October to support breast cancer.  And I will grow out my moustache in November to show my support for predominantly male cancers.  I still have done nothing in my life to support the research and programs developed for Down's Syndrome

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