Friday, December 27, 2013

Call Dropped

For those who did not already know, I work in a call center.  Which means I get calls from the nicest people, and the not-so-nicest people.  Sometimes, ADHD serves me better than I could hope, at the most unexpected times.

I got a call earlier today from a man who wasn't too happy with the service he had been receiving.  He gave me his information and I looking up his file.  Meanwhile, he begins his story.  The first individual he worked with was rude and did not take his situation seriously.  He had called afterward requesting someone else take a look, anyone but that guy.  Guess who he's talking to next?  Yep.  That guy he didn't want anything to do with.  So this customer is going on and on about his situation (for about 15 min) while I say nothing.  In fact, I completely spaced out.  In my mind, I had taken advantage of a pause in the call to advise him politely that I completely understood his concerns, but that I am not the person he needs to speak to, and that I would have a manager give him a call when they get back in the office.  He then began his story all over again (as they often do) at which point I interrupted and stated that I'd rather not waste his time by continuing on this path which I was unable to assist with.
He could yell all he wanted, and rant all he wanted, but honestly he did not know what he was talking about, and to that point I had no idea what he was talking about, and that a manager would contact him to get someone from the correct dept assigned ASAP.  This is about the time in the fantasy where I "came to" and realized he was done and had just asked what I can do to help him. Luckily, in the first few minutes, I had pulled up his file and knew what was going on on our end, which ultimately is what he wanted to know.  I quickly explained why we had not contacted him or returned his calls (The individual he was calling was no longer with the department and somehow her Voicemail had not been changed).  I went on to escalate the situation to my manager to expedite things for him and it was all good.  He then went on to THANK ME FOR LISTENING SO PATIENTLY and for being so empathetic to his situation.  He admitted to having rambled and was glad I did not cut him off or end the call.  I told him that I'm happy to lend an ear, and that I would have done the same in his situation (because I ramble and therefore would have done the same in any situation) and that I was glad to help.  He was asking for my name, my supervisor's name, and thanked me a couple more times before we ended the call.

I honestly have no idea what was said during that 15 minutes.  I know that could have gone very badly, and am so glad it didn't.  Best 15 minutes of my day!

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