Thursday, December 19, 2013

road rage

I'm driving down the highway the other night, after a somewhat stressful day at work. I see a driver in the far left lane, driving just slower than the traffic around him.  As a car tries to pass him and merge, he speeds up.  They make it around him anyway, so he turns his high-beams on.  I see him do this to a few poeple before finally getting out of the fast lane (where he continues to drive like an ass in the middle lane).  I eventually pass him myself, without incident, and end up just in front of him as we take the same exit a few miles down the road.  He seems to drive normally (as I passed on the highway, I noted he was an older man, maybe mid to late 60's), not like some older people, who tend to drive somewhat slowly on this country road we are on.  We stop at a light.  It turns green.  I start to go through the intersection when an oncoming car decides to run the red arrow and cut me off to get through the intersection.  WTF.  I proceed to drive after this, but the guy from the highway decides I did something wrong, and after only about 1/4 mi, turns his brights on and proceeds to attempt to crawl into my exhaust, exiting to a turn lane just before hitting me.
  Now, there's enough room left in the turn lane that I decide I will also turn.  I do so, stopping just far enough into the neighborhood to not create a traffic hazard.  He's close enough behind me he has to stop to.  moment of truth. I get out.  He get's out.  I walk around to the back and check my tail lights.  He asks "What's your problem, son?" 
          I respond "Well, you flashed your brights at me, I figured I might have a tail light out or something.  But then again, after seeing how you were purposely cutting people off on the highway and flashing your brights, I suppose it could have just been because you're an asshole.   ... What's your problem?"  He grumbles something about asshole drivers, speed limits, and smart-ass kids, and gets back in his car.  I smile politely while flipping him the bird and get back into my own car.
          The next thing I know, I'm 10 mi down the road, snapping out of a day dream.  I safely maneuvered through 2 stops and several curvy stretches of road, completely daydreaming about the whole scenario.  Nothing after this geezer shines his high beams at me before turning actually happened.  Just wishful thinking.

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