Friday, February 7, 2014

Romance and Onions

What's the point of Valentine's day?  Why have one day out of the year designated to love?  To support Hallmark and Chocolatiers everywhere?  So many people this time of year shun the decorations and celebrations.

Here's my thinking.  Valentine's day is on the 14th of February.  You're all with me on that, right?  Good.  The 14th in the crux of our discussion.  See, to me, 14 tastes like onions.
 And nothing makes chocolate taste better, or roses smell better than after onions.  In fact, I agree with the "Hallmark holiday" Mentality which basically debunks Valentine's day as a "real" holiday.  Except, I'm GLAD to support chocolatiers and flower shops everywhere!  We as a society get so busy, and yet so stagnant in life that everyday is starting to taste like onions.  Why not make the 14th of EVERY MONTH Valentine's day?

  Many of us NEED that specific day to focus on our love and put our desires out there for potential victims, er beaus.  Life takes us out of our love element, and stress even leads us to push away affection, which in fact is the best cure for the stress we have.  So forget your spite, forget your angst towards the marketing of modern America, and forget how lonely you may be.  Find someone upon whom you can shower some affection.  Ladies, bring some bacon to your favorite guy at work or school.  Men, get some chocolates for that girl at work who will be staying late to finish up a project on V-Day.  you don't have to ask this person to marry you, you just need to bring affection into their life.  You will feel better, and so will they.

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