Thursday, February 27, 2014


So I am having one of THOSE days.  You know what I'm talking about...  I can't stop moving.  Talking. Typing.  Liking FB posts.  Sharing FB posts...  Posting fb posts (yes I spend my idle time on Facebook if you haven't noticed). 
Here's my page status today:

So I just went absolutely crazy with sharing great posts I've seen today. I actually have just be pretty jittery/chatty/bonkers all day. In fact I'm pretty sure the reason I'm not still talking my coworkers' ears off is they're all conveniently away from their desks. And I'm twitchy. And I can't seem to get enough coffee, which is the most wonderful beverage in the world. It pairs very well w...ith bacon. I've seen a lot of bacon posts today too. my boss likes bacon almost as much as I do. Today is her last day in this office, she's moving up. I got up at 7am today, well rested after going for a sub-0 run last night. Last night I watched Chicago PD and it was pretty cool. Speaking of cool I had cheerios with my breakfast this morning... What was I talking about?
I am actually feeling quite wonderful today.  My attitude, my energy, my thoughts, they are all larger than life.  I feel like someone hit my CAPS LOCK button and let me go on and on and on... And that's great... until it's not.
Eventually, I have to come down.  Eventually I have to focus.  Eventually I should start some studying, homework, etc.  I tried working on some stuff earlier, with minimal success.  It's nice to have great days, but balance is so elusive.  I went for a run last night for the first time in weeks, and like most drugs, the endorphins take some getting used to.  I highly recommend REGULAR exercise because the resulting endorphines are immensely fantastic!  Throw in a breakfast of Cheerios and fried eggs, and I'm friggin GOLDEN!  Unfortunately, I still have to get my History presentation set up and my sources lined up for the subsequent 15 page research paper, and 2 midterms to study for (plus another midterm for the history class the week following my presentation!)  Now that I've gone for a run, I need to keep it up, or the bottom will drop off and I'll go from having the energy to do it all (I just need to focus it LOL) back to having none at all.
The rollercoaster just keeps on going.  Think about how difficult it might be to read this with the font constantly changing. That's how difficult it was for me to write it. That's how difficult my day has been, trying to focus on tasks.  Luckily, I am in a fantastic mood and feeling very optimistic.
So here's to the ADHD rollercoaster, my Manic day, and hoping it either sticks around for a while or at least doesn't lead to another episode of depression, melancholy, or academic failure.

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